Help Needed to Fight Virtual School Cuts

Dear Virtual Public School Families:

The rumors are now a reality.  Tomorrow morning in the Oregon State Legislature, there will be a hearing on HB 2457, a bill to cut funding for virtual public schools.

Our opponents have tried to limit access to virtual public schools through enrollment caps and other hurdles like home district transfer approval.  They’ve failed in these attempts, but now have their sights set on our funding.

Your help is urgently needed.  Here are three things you can do:

  1. Send an email to your legislators asking them to oppose cuts to our schools.  You can do this easily by clicking here and filling out the letter.

  2. Call your legislators and urge them to oppose cuts to our schools.  You can find your legislators’ phone number by clicking here and putting in your home address.  You’ll want to call your State Senator and State Representative.  If you do, please email us after you speak with them to let us know what they said.  This is important information to have.

  1. Come to Salem tomorrow morning and speak up on behalf of your virtual public school.  If you can testify, please email us and we’ll get in touch with you today.  The hearing will be held in Hearing Room A of the State Capitol at 8am on Tuesday, March 19th.

Virtual public schools, which are organized under Oregon’s charter law, already receive less funding than traditional public schools. But, we still need adequate resources to maintain our effective, state-certified teaching staff, competent administrators, world-class curriculum that complies with core standards, and a sophisticated technology platform capable of delivering instruction.

Our students deserve the same commitment to a quality education that others receive in traditional schools.  But, we desperately need your voice engaged in this process if we’re going to be successful in stopping any funding cuts.

Thank you for all you do on behalf of Oregon’s virtual public school families.


Steven Isaacs