Let Your Voice Be Heard on Tuesday

Virtual Public School Parents and Supporters:
In January, I sent you an email describing some of the bills that have been introduced in the Oregon State Legislature dealing with full-time virtual public schools.  Now, it's time to capitalize on the momentum we created at Capitol Day last week to let our voice be heard at a Senate hearing on these bills.
On Tuesday, March 12, the Senate Committee on Education will hold a hearing on virtual public education.  It is critical that as many parents and students as possible attend this hearing to show support for virtual schools!  Wear your red t-shirts from Capitol Day if you can!
Senate Bill 508 would mandate restrictive new operations structures on our existing virtual public schools that could erode access for families.  Senate Bill 761 creates yet another legislative "task force" composed of virtual school opponents designed to arrive at preordained, negative outcomes for our families.
If you're interested in testifying, we'll get in touch with you about the issues related to the bills.  But, we'd welcome the support from parents who just want to come and sit in the audience.  Either way, please email us and let us know if you can make it.
What:    Senate Education Committee Hearing
Where:  Hearing Room C
            Oregon State Capitol
            Salem, OR
When:   1:00 PM, Tuesday, March 12
Debate is intensifying in Salem over access to virtual public schools.  Will our legislators continue to limit access to this form of education we've come to rely on, or will they acknowledge the potential of virtual education and its importance to Oregon families?  The answer, as always, will be determined by us.
Please join us in Salem next Tuesday.
Steven Isaacs