Help us tell your virtual school story

Dear Virtual Public School Family:

We need your help on an important project.  As many virtual public school families know, changing the perception of virtual classrooms is one of the more difficult parts of what we do. Allowing families to provide their children with the learning environment that works best for them is what drives us in our pursuit of a robust and widely supported virtual public school system. Unfortunately, we still have a ways to go towards educating many lawmakers and members of the media who do not know about the existence and benefits of online learning for many families across Oregon. 

One of the most effective ways that we can convey this message is by telling the story of how your family has benefitted from our virtual public schools.  We do that by collecting data and stories from our families in an annual family survey.

Take the 2015 Oregon Virtual Public School Family Survey

We will not share any of your individual responses unless you give us permission. The data will be aggregated and shared with Oregon’s leaders on education policy.

Informing policymakers about virtual public schools and the enormous benefit they bring to our kids continues to be our coalition’s mission, and you can make a big difference in this effort.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey. By helping virtual public school families tell their stories, we have been able to protect our funding in past legislative sessions, despite bills that threatened to reduce it significantly. There will be more challenges ahead, and we are working hard to prepare for them now. With your help, we will be ready.

Jennifer Kambas

P.S. Save the Date!  Virtual Public Schools Capitol Day is February 24, 2016.  Please register today! I will send you more information on this important event in the coming weeks.