2016 Oregon Voter's Guide

Dear Virtual Public School Family:


Those of you who have supported our efforts over the years know that elected state officials ultimately decide whether or not our virtual public schools survive and thrive here in Oregon.

With the fall election only a couple of weeks away, we want to be sure that you have information on where candidates stand when it comes to making virtual public education available to families who need it.  With that in mind, the Oregon Virtual Public Schools Alliance circulated a candidate questionnaire to the two major party candidates for Governor and each individual running for the State Senate and State House of Representatives. We have compiled candidates’ responses to our questionnaire for your review. 

Click here to view candidate responses

If you do not know who represents you in the state legislature, you can click here to find out.

We feel it’s important that you know who shares your values when it comes to parent choice in education. Please review this information, fill out your ballot, and return it by November 8.

If any of the candidates who express support for virtual public schools are running in your area, we urge you to thank them. If the issue of access to virtual public education is an important factor in determining which state candidates you support, then we urge you to call their campaign office and ask how you can help them. Get involved and build a personal relationship with that candidate. If we want legislators to be there for us when it matters, then it’s nice for us to be there for them when it matters most to them. If you need information on how to reach a candidate, please email us, info@oregonvirtualschools.org, and we will help get you in touch. 

We hope this information is helpful, and we look forward to working with you in the 2017 legislative session to protect parent access to a quality virtual public education.


Debbie Thibodeaux