Tell your legislators to oppose virtual school study bill

Dear Virtual Public School Families,

The Oregon State Legislature is at it again.  The 2016 session doesn’t convene until February 1, but virtual public schools are already a target of state policymakers who don’t understand this important education option.

A bill, HB 4091, introduced by State Rep. Susan McLain would create a study to evaluate virtual public schools.  Do we really need another virtual school study?  Virtual public schools have faced more scrutiny than any other type of public school and are without question the most transparent and accountable schools in Oregon. Our schools must comply with dozens of rules over and above those that apply to traditional brick and mortar public schools.  You can view all of these additional requirements here.

Among other things, virtual public schools have additional academic achievement and school performance requirements, limitations on who can serve as an employee or board member of the school, and guaranteed public access to all financial data for the school and its vendors.

Our schools have been studied to death, and each new attempt is yet another opportunity for opponents of parent choice to limit our access to schools that work for our kids. 

Will you take a moment to email your State Senator and State Representative to tell them that virtual public schools are the most highly accountable schools in Oregon and urge their opposition to yet another study?

Just click here and you’ll be taken to an email form.  The basic message is filled out already, but you have the option of creating a personalized introduction and closing.

Then fill out your address and your message will automatically be sent to your Senator and Representative.

With your help we have defeated previous threats to virtual public education. Let’s do it again and tell our State Legislators that virtual public schools are the most accountable schools in the state and don’t require yet another study.

Thank you for your support.

Jennifer Kambas