2019 Legislative Session Wrap Up

Virtual Public School Family,

On June 30, the Oregon State Legislature adjourned the 2019 legislative session. During the long session, legislators considered bills that allocated new funding for K-12 education, addressed rent control, banned grocery stores and restaurants from using disposable plastic bags, created a new paid family medical leave policy, and many other issues.

The legislature also considered bills that would have impacted virtual public schools. The most notable of these would have banned virtual public schools from promoting and advertising their schools. The bill initially banned all types of advertising, but ultimately just targeted TV advertising. The bill died in committee but could be reintroduced during the 2020 legislative session.

A second bill of note was the Joint Committee on Student Success funding bill. In April, we warned you about a provision in this bill that excluded virtual public schools from applying for Student Investment Fund Grants. We asked you to urge your state legislators to amend the bill to allow virtual public schools to apply for this grant funding. Despite vocal parent opposition, the final bill retained the virtual public school exclusion. Governor Brown signed the bill into law in May.

Thanks to everyone who called, emailed and visited legislators during this legislative session to urge their support of virtual public schools and the students they serve. We will work hard during the interim to continue to educate policymakers about this important education option.

If you are motived to advocate for this education choice and you would like to become more active in our efforts, please email us at info@virtualpublicschools.org. Parents are a powerful force, and we want to ensure that the parent voice is part of the policymaking conversation surrounding virtual public schools in our state.

Thank you for your help and support.


Debbie Thibodeaux
President, OVPSA
Parent to Jordan - 10th grade, Baker Web Academy
Michaela - 8th grade, Baker Web Academy
Zach - 4th grade, Baker Web Academy