Oregon virtual schools denied grant funds

Dear Virtual School Parent,

We need your help! The Oregon State Legislature’s Joint Committee on Student Success just approved its education funding bill, HB 3427A, and it denies virtual public schools the opportunity to apply for grant money to support students attending Oregon’s virtual public schools. Perhaps most troubling, it will directly impact those students most in need.

The full House is considering the bill today and the Senate will consider the bill early next week. We want legislators to hear our message loud and clear: All schools should be treated equally. Our schools and the students we serve should be able to access the same grant funds that are available to our brick and mortar public school counterparts.

Will you take a few minutes to make sure your voice is heard?

Just click here and you will be taken to an email form. The basic message is already filled out, but you have the option of creating a personalized introduction and closing. Your message will automatically be routed to your specific state senator and representative.

With your help, lawmakers in Salem will realize the importance of investing in resources that will allow Oregon’s virtual public school students to thrive.

Thank you for your support.


Debbie Thibodeaux
President, OVPSA
Parent to Jordan - 10th grade, Baker Web Academy
Michaela - 8th grade, Baker Web Academy
Zach - 4th grade, Baker Web Academy