ORCA: Helping parents understand and support their students

These days, many students cope with pressures in school — they are worried about bullies, succeeding on state tests, and more. For some students, these feelings are mild anxieties that may occur throughout the year; for others, these feelings could indicate a more serious mental health issue.

How Do Educators Teach Art at an Online School?

Imagine what it would be like to teach painting, drawing, photography, graphic design or other forms of art to K-12 students attending an online public school. Many instructors may feel it’s an exciting new education option, but wonder how they might transition their teaching skills to the online environment.

Winter is a great time to share joys of writing, sharpen skills with your children

As the holiday season approaches, including time off from school, it’s a good time for parents to consider learning activities children can do to keep sharp, especially in writing. Kids look forward to time off from classes and families have busy schedules, but there are opportunities to help students improve writing skills during winter break.

Harvest is a perfect time to teach students benefits of healthy living

Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year—the leaves turn color, and children are eager to romp through the pumpkin patch. With fall comes a new school year for students, and families are adjusting their daily routines from the flexibility of summer to the more structured school schedule. As part of this transition, students also need to move towards a healthier diet.

True education advocates lobby for students not teachers' benefits: Oregonian Editorial Agenda 2017

As Oregon's K-12 students prepare for a new school year, parents eyeing larger class sizes and the state's miserably low graduation rate should make time to do some homework themselves. The assignment: Understand what it really means to advocate for education funding.

Eclipse lessons encourage student interest in science

Experiencing the Great American Eclipse was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but long after the shadow has faded, it’s still likely to leave a lasting impression on children, and hopefully inspire them to learn more about science. 

Virtual public school working wonders for Clark County elementary student

Monte McGary is in third grade and he’s finally getting what he’s been in need of academically. A challenge. 

Before enrolling in Washington Connections Academy this school year, Monte attended a brick and mortar school in the Battle Ground School District. Since kindergarten, he’s been more advanced than his peers. He was becoming bored in class on a regular basis. 

Local student takes to online high school

When Taylor Hampton told her friends she was leaving high school to enroll in a virtual school online, they said she was crazy. With a negative image of a home-schooled student in their minds, they told her she would never make it or enjoy it.

Election season offers civics lessons

Despite what seems like constant news and advertising about the upcoming November election, there is a troubling lack of civic knowledge in our country. Only a quarter of Americans can name all three branches of government and nearly a third can't name any of them, according to a new survey just released by the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

Virtual schools appear to thrive in Washington

SEATTLE - Most families these days are hustling to get out the door to make the school bus, rushing to pack school lunches or even worrying about classroom safety. Yet there are thousands of teachers and students who only have to make the short commute from their bedroom to their home office or living room.

Online students hold in person rally in Salem

SALEM, Ore. (KOIN) — More than 8,500 Oregon students get their education online. It’s a growing trend with a student population that has doubled over the past 5 years.

Kids and parents rallied in Salem Wednesday for the support and continued funding of virtual public schools. Cost of the online charter schools are covered by the state.

State's first online technical education high school to be based in McFarland district

Leaders of a new online public charter high school in Wisconsin say its focus on career and technical education will help train students for high-paying jobs in fields that desperately need workers, such as construction.

Digital learning every day

Many grandparents of today's elementary school students remember their first digital device in the classroom: a hand-held calculator made by Texas Instruments in 1967. Over the past five decades, education technology has evolved at light speed, and today, students have access to a number of learning tools literally at their fingertips.