Winter is a great time to engage students in science

Salem Statesman Journal
Jeanie Barrantes
January 3, 2019

If your children enjoy sparkles, fizzy reactions, amazing colors and more, then they’ll love winter themed science experiments. Winter has plenty to teach students about science, from chemistry and physics to biology and meteorology. 

Most families enjoy winter break, but sometimes the chilly, rainy Oregon weather leads to cabin fever. To help unplug kids from video games or TV, try to connect them to the science of winter happening all around them. 

One of the reasons I became a science teacher was a fascination with the natural world and exploring the outdoors. Like many kids, I was curious and loved to discover new things by experimenting. When it comes to exploring things like ice and snow, it’s a good idea to get children involved in lots of hands-on science activities.  

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